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Country of Origin: Italy - Friuli
Vintage: 2018
Alcohol: 14%
Grapu Variety: 100% Schioppettino
Food Pairing: A stately wine for meditation and to accompany strongly flavoured dishes: excellent with roasts, rich red meats, wild feathered game and strong cheeses.
Decanting Times: 40mins

Winemaking: Schioppettino is one of the true indigenous grape varieties of the Colli Orientali del Friuli. The grapes, which are extensive thinned out in June, are strictly hand-picked and laid in small cases for a slight raisining. The grapes are then destemmed from the stalks and gently crushed.The resulting must is fermented on the skins with indigenous yeasts for approximately 20 days. During this period, pumping over is carried out frequently to favour the transfer of colour and the noble components that define such an illustrious red wine from the skins to the fermenting must. After racking, the wine is left to rest in 500 litre French oak tonneaux for almost two years. The wine is only presented to the consumer after a suitable resting and maturing period in the bottle.


Tasting Notes: Swirling the glass releases an elegantly full and decisive bouquet with notes ranging from dried g and walnut to balsamic scents of wood with a slight undertone of small black berries. The palate is generous and decisive, filling the mouth with avelvetiness, yet compact and determined with perfectly amalgamated noble tannin components, reiterating the wine's entire aromatic spectrum in orderly succession.


未成年請勿飲酒 禁止酒駕

No Alcohol for Underage
No Drunk Driving

Tunella Schioppettino IGP

NT$2,000 Regular Price
NT$1,600Sale Price
  • Acidity 7/10, Sweetness 0/10, Tannin 7/10

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